2022 Senior Spotlight

2022 Senior Spotlight:Amber’s favorite memories in school are, “Making Mr. Olson choke on water while laughing during my freshmen year American History class! In grade school, my favorite memory was having a class monopoly in Mrs. Foster’s 3rd-grade class.” Being a cheerleader who always supported our team in a win or loss made Amber the most thunderbird proud. Her legacy advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t just go through high school and not care. Instead, have fun, make friends and get involved or else it won’t be worth your time in the end. Also, be nice to teachers and staff because you never know where you’ll run into them in the future, or even may need them for a recommendation! ” Amber’s plans after high school are to attend Linfield University in Oregon State. While being there, she plans to pursue a major in political science and a minor in psychology. She also plans to get involved with several clubs, as well as become part of the cheer squad! After her undergraduate, Amber plans to apply to law school to become an attorney. We are so proud of you Amber! The teachers, staff, and administrators wish you the very best in your life journey beyond high school. Congratulations!