TBird Teacher Feature!

TBird Teacher Feature: Meet Mr. Jason Smith, history teacher and golf coach at NCHS. Originally from Bethany, Missouri, Mr. Smith has 3 children (2 of which are twins), 2 dogs, and a grumpy cat! He first became aware that he wanted to become a teacher in high school, where several teachers and coaches had an impact on him in a positive way and he wanted to do the same for others. Mr. Smith’s father was both a teacher and principal and had a special influence on his choice to become a teacher. He gave a unique perspective about teaching and education. Mr. Smith had this to say when asked about what he likes most about working with NCHS students, “The students at NCHS are the best I have been around. Not a day goes by that I don’t have multiple positive interactions with the students here. Many students also stay close to Central Mo after they graduate so I get to see what they do after high school.” To Mr. Smith, Thunderbird Proud means, “Showing up everyday ready to give the students my best.” Something you might not know about Mr. Smith is that he was on a fast pitch softball team that won a national title when he was 15! One word to describe Mr. Smith….he answered, “Reliable”. North Callaway is very lucky to have Mr. Smith as a “reliable” part of our team. If you get the chance, stop by and say hello to Mr. Smith during parent/teacher conferences Tuesday.#ThunderbirdProud