2022 Senior Spotlight!

2022 Senior Spotlight: Haylie’s favorite memories in high school are “Meeting new people, always talking to my favorite staff (Cheryl, Dallas Pitt, Hays-Martin), and going to the gym during lunch to play volleyball with friends.” Band, playing the cymbals/bass drum at football games, and cheering on the football team from the sidelines are the things that make Haylie the most Thunderbird Proud! Haylie’s advice to underclassmen is, ” Focus on yourself and your school work, you won’t know these people in 10 years anyway so don’t worry what they think about you. While in school, choose your friends wisely. “After high school, ” I will be going to college to be a mechanic because my grandfather taught me a lot about fixing vehicles. I’m hoping to get my own shop to name it after him.” We are extremely proud of you Haylie! The staff, teachers, and administrators wish you the very best in your life journey beyond high school. Congratulations! #ThunderbirdProud