TBird Teacher Feature

TBird Teacher Feature: Meet NCHS graduate, co-prom committee chair, and chemistry teacher, Jordan Peace. Ms. Peace was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri and has a younger sister named Mariah. She first became aware that she wanted to become a teacher in 2nd grade! That year for Christmas she asked for a whiteboard and easel so she could teach her sister and toys! She had a lot of people in her life that influenced her decision to teach. She had this to say about that, “I am from a family of teachers: My dad, Mr. Peace, my grandma, aunt, and a few cousins are all teachers. But, I can also credit a lot of my own teachers for influencing me along the way. I had so many great teachers that the subject I wanted to teach changed almost year to year. Eventually, when Ms. Thornhill introduced me to chemistry I knew it was the subject for me. Chemistry can be a difficult subject to understand but I always felt Ms. Thornhill made chemistry fun and manageable; something I hope I do as well.” When asked what she looks forward to the most in working with students at NCHS, Ms. Peace said, “I love seeing chemistry click with or excite my students. However, I know chemistry isn’t the subject for everyone so my real joy is seeing the students starting to become adults and making decisions about their future. I love to talk about where they see themselves in the next year, 5 years, and beyond. ” Since Ms. Peace is also a graduate of NCHS, it is no wonder when asked what Thunderbird Proud means to her, she responded, “Thunderbird Proud to me means that you create and encourage others to create a community in which everyone feels safe and loved, and an environment that you and others look at fondly and are excited to tell others you attend/work at NCHS.” A couple of things you might not know about Ms. Peace is that she and her mother have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and she is an avid “Survivor” fan!!! She has NEVER missed an episode and has them on dvd to watch again and again! Ms. Peace was asked to describe herself in one word and this is what she said, “Reserved. I am typically an introverted, quiet person; I have to act in 56 minute intervals everyday!” NCHS is delighted to have Ms. Peace as part of our teaching family.#ThunderbirdProud