Speech and Debate Make Statement!

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Speech and Debate did awesome Saturday! Here are the results:
Nick Douglas and Sam Slaughter- 1st Place Duet Improvisation.
Nick Douglas- 1st Place Extemporaneous Speaking
Hannah Calvert- 2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking
Hannah Calvert- 1st Place Original Oratory (persuasive speech).
Ned- 3rd Place Pantomime
Brooke Douglas- 2nd Place Poetry
Sam Slaughter- 2nd Place Prose
Sam Slaughter- 1st Place Radio Speaking
Keagan Sullivan- 3rd Place Radio Speaking.
Please congratulate these wonderful students when you see them this week. They did a spectacular job against some rough competition and represented the school well!
P.S. By the third round of Duet Improvisation, Nick and Sam had become “famous” among the other schools and had students from all the attending schools coming to watch their performance.